Chord Company CrimsonPlus Cable Review

Chord Company cables are synonymous with quality, and the latest Chord Company CrimsonPlus is no exception. It is already the recipient of a 5-star What Hi-Fi rating, as well as winning Best Analogue interconnect Award at last year’s reviews. This year, no other cable has come close to it at the price and it has seen some improvements in the last 12 months, improving on the already award winning design. The changes may be small, but they have been sufficient to ensure that Chord Company CrimsonPlus Cable is Best Analogue Interconnect again in the What H-Fi 2011 Best Buy Awards.

Here at Doug Brady we always put cabling to the test, and compare side by side to see which offers the best performance. Chord Company cable always performs highly, and offers exceptional value for money with highly competitive pricing. The latest Chord Company CrimsonPlus cables feature new Chord VEE Plugs designed to reduce vibration for improved sound quality, in addition to a vibration resistant outer jacket. It’s a small upgrade, but makes a great cable even better.

Chord CrimsonPlus

The Chord Company CrimsonPlus uses gold-plated Chord VEE RCA plugs and multi-strand oxygen free copper conductors in a pseudo-balanced twisted pair configuration, with a combination of braid and foil shielding to resist RF interference, and RCA, Din and XLR configurations.

The cables add space to any recording, with a good depth of bass, smooth and melodic treble and great breadth to the midrange. Overall you can expect a dynamic performance with crisp timing and excellent detail, which will allow you to hear all the layers of a track. Chord Company CrimsonPlus will perform across the full musical range, offer excellent detail, and for the money there is no better cable choice.

Chord Crimson Cables

If you want to improve the sound quality of your current system, the Chord Company CrimsonPlus is worth every penny.

Doug Brady Hi-Fi Verdict – A great analogue interconnect at an unbeatable price.

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