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Doug Brady Hi Fi Turntable & Record Player Store

Welcome to the turntable and record player store at Doug Brady Hi Fi. Here you'll find everything you need to enhance the listening experience of your vinyl records from turntables to arms, cartridges, phono stages and other assorted turntable accessories.

Vinyl record players for audiophiles are coming back in a big way. Nothing can surpass the sound of a high quality record player with an excellent turn table, arm and cartridge that's amplified and equalized by an equally excellent phonostage.

A modern turntable record player is a must have addition to your audio system and we always recommend choosing good quality equipment to enhance the sound quality of your audio system and enriched your listening experience.

So Whether you're treating yourself to a USB turntable for your pc or upgrading your old record player, don't forget that all our hi fi equipment comes with Free UK Delivery.