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Made in Britain

Chord Codex Network Player

Price: £4,500.00 

Chord Hugo DAC/Headphone amp

Price: £1,400.00 

Chord Mojo DAC/Headphone Amp

Price: £399.00 

Funk Firm Bo!ng Isolation Feet

Price: £109.00 

Harbeth Monitor 40.2

Price: £10,495.00 

Kudos S50 loudspeaker stands

Price: £195.00 

LFD Integrated Mk V Amplifier

Price: £2,995.00 


Price: £1,390.00 

Naim NAP100 Power Amplifier

Price: £720.00 

Naim UnitiLite

Price: £2,055.00 

Neat IOTA Pair - Black

Price: £735.00 

Neat IOTA Pair - Blue

Price: £735.00 

Neat IOTA Pair - Red

Price: £735.00 

Neat IOTA Pair - White

Price: £735.00 

Ophidian Minimo Loudspeaker

Price: £695.00 

Ophidian Solo Loudspeaker

Price: £1,795.00 

PMC Twenty 21 - Diamond Black - ex demonstration

Regular Price: £1,485.00
 On Sale For: £1,099.00 

Proac Response D20R loudspeaker

Price: £2,800.00 

Rega Aria MM/MC Phono Stage

Price: £798.00 

Rega Planar 2 Black

Price: £375.00 

Rega RP6 Turntable - Black

Price: £898.00 

Rega RP8 - Black

Price: £1,600.00 

Rega TT-PSU MkII - Black

Price: £198.00 

Rega TT-PSU MkII - Silver

Price: £198.00 

Rothwell Signature MC Phono Stage

Price: £1,995.00 

Sonneteer Byron MKV CD player

Price: £1,495.00 

Sonneteer Morpheus Music Centre

Price: £2,500.00 

Sonneteer Sedley Phono Stage

Price: £550.00 

Westbrook Madrigal Loudspeakers

Price: £2,300.00 

Westbrook Rydal Loudspeakers

Price: £1,995.00 

Simple Audio Roomplayer with amp HD Sound System Mk 2

Regular Price: £699.00
 On Sale For: £450.00 

Harbeth HLP3ESR - Cherry

Price: £1,575.00 

Harbeth HLP3ESR - Black Ash

Price: £1,575.00 

Rega DAC R - Black

Price: £598.00 

Michell Orbe Turntable - Black

Price: £3,550.00 

Funk Vector V Turntable

Price: £1,440.00 

Naim UnitiQute 2

Price: £1,330.00 

Naim CDX2 CD Player - Black

Price: £4,225.00 

Naim NAC 252 Preamplifier - Black

Price: £6,130.00 

The above products are just a selection of the ‘Made in Britain’ products Doug Brady Hi-Fi sells, please look at the below list to see all products by each brand.

Doug Brady Hi-Fi has long supported hi-fi and home cinema brands which are manufactured within Great Britain.

When the business started back in the 1960’s it was Naim and Rega that Doug Brady HiFi became famous for retailing and specialising in.

Doug Brady Hi-Fi is still one of Naims and Regas largest northern based retailer.

Today we stock many different British manufactured audio products and look to support new and up and coming British hifi and home cinema brands which are based on leading technology and design.

The type of products which make people’s lives simpler and easier whilst looking stunning.

The list of British manufactured audio brands available at Doug Brady HiFi is growing each week.

  • Naim
  • Rega turntables and loudspeakers
  • Simple Audio HD streaming
  • Neat speakers
  • Michell Engineering turntables
  • Harbeth Speakers
  • Chord Electronics
  • PMC loudspeakers
  • Funk Firm turntables
  • Wilson Benesch loudspeakers
  • Chord Cables
  • Exposure electronics
  • Keith Monks record cleaning machines
  • ProAc loudspeakers
  • Sonneteer electronics
  • Rothwell electronics
  • LFD cables
  • SME Turntables
  • Music Works isolation equipment
  • Apollo stands

  • Read more about British made products and the importance of this Industry as discussed in the Telegraph.