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Hi Fi Speakers

B&W 685S2

Price: £495.00 

Dali Ikon 1 mkII loudspeakers

Price: £525.00 

Dali Zensor 1 loudspeakers

Price: £199.00 

Dali Zensor 3 loudspeakers

Price: £299.00 

Elac BS403 Loudspeakers

Price: £1,479.00 

Elac FS197 Loudspeakers

Price: £1,539.00 

Focal Aria 906 Loudspeakers

Price: £758.00 

Harbeth HLP3ESR - Gloss Finish

Price: £1,799.00 

Kudos Cardea C1

Price: £1,950.00 

Kudos Cardea C20

Price: £3,350.00 

Kudos Cardea Super 10

Price: £3,499.00 

Kudos X2

Price: £1,450.00 

Ophidian Minimo Loudspeaker

Price: £695.00 

Ophidian Solo Loudspeaker

Price: £1,795.00 

Rega RS7 - Black Ash

Price: £1,838.00 

Hi Fi Speakers Collection at Doug Brady Hi Fi

A good pair of high end speakers is a great way to improve the sound of your hi fi equipment.

At Doug Brady Hi Fi, we offer the best choice of quality speakers for your audio system, home cinema system, small hi fi or wireless home network. Whether you're mounting them on the wall, standing on the floor or looking for something to plug your iPod into, we've got a great selection of speakers for all your audio needs.

We always recommend choosing good quality speakers to enrich your listening experience. So Whether you're replacing or upgrading your hi fi components, don't forget that all our hi fi speakers come with Free UK Delivery.