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Hi Fi Headphones

Focal Spirit Pro Headphones

Price: £269.00 

Sennheiser HD800 headphones

Price: £1,095.00 

Sennheiser HD800S Headphones

Price: £1,199.00 

Grado iGrado Headphones - Black

Regular Price: £55.00
 On Sale For: £49.95 

Grado SR60e Headphones - Black

Regular Price: £105.00
 On Sale For: £79.95 

Grado SR80e Headphones - Black

Regular Price: £135.00
 On Sale For: £99.95 

Grado SR125e Headphones - Black

Regular Price: £195.00
 On Sale For: £149.95 

Sennheiser CX 980i

Price: £189.99 

Focal Spirit One S Headphones

Price: £159.00 

Hi Fi Headphones Collection at Doug Brady Hi Fi

Shut out the world with a pair of good quality hi fi headphones and enrich your listening experience.

Noise reduction headphones are the best way to listen to your hi fi system in peace while appreciating every tiny detail the way it was intended to be heard.

At Doug Brady Hi Fi, our headphones collection includes a selection of the very best headphones from cordless, wireless and bluetooth headphones to in ear, on ear and even studio headphones of the finest quality.

So Whether you're replacing or upgrading your hi fi headphones, don't forget that all our hi fi equipment comes with Free UK Delivery, direct to your door.