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Ruark Audio R1

Ruark Audio R1 MKII (was Vita Audio R1 MKII)

The release of the original Ruark Audio R1 DAB/FM radio won the brand critical acclaim; however the best has got a whole lot better with the release of the Ruark R1 MkII

The Ruark R1 MkII builds on the huge success of its predecessor, and includes an impressive range of extras, increasing its desirability further still. Ruark Audio has increased the size of the visual display for the Ruark R1 MkII. It boasts an intelligent design that automatically adjusts the contrast to match the ambient light levels, making it far easier to read even when outdoors.

The Ruark Audio R1 MkII offers class leading sound quality, and despite the small dimensions delivers crisp vocals with plenty of detail. The Ruark R1 MkII it is excellent in the mid range, with a warm and rich bass all the more impressive considering its dimensions.

Considering it only has a single custom 3.5 inch speaker driver it is still able to produce a surprisingly broad soundstage, and is perfect for city apartments where space is at a premium. The Ruark Audio R1 MkII offers more power than the original, with tone and loudness controls added for a sound tailored to its positioning.

The dual alarm offers a wide range of settings including a volume control for heavy sleepers, and the an intuitive "rotodial" control makes for easy operation, with its blue neon glow perfect for dark winter mornings.

Perfect for people on the go

The Ruark R1 MkII is perfect for home use, but offers serious improvements on the original for music on the go. A backpack battery can be clipped to the back and offers up to 20 hours of cordless use. The exterior battery pack has considerable advantages, allowing for a smaller sized unit and larger speaker driver. For ease of transportation the Ruark R1 MkII has a stylish hand stitched leather carry case option, adding to its cool retro looks.

The versatile little Ruark R1 MkII is perfect for a picnic, and for all home and garden use and its stylish retro looks ensure it will have pride of place on a bedside table or bookshelf.

Ruark Audio R1 (was Vita Audio R1) Features:

  • Class leading sound quality
  • Large format visual display - self adjusting for brightness
  • DAB, DAB+ & FM Tuner with RDS and 10 station presets
  • Easy to use dual alarm system
  • Optional hand stitched leather carry case
  • Optional back pack battery for up to 20 hours of power
  • Switchable auxiliary input for compatibility with MP3 players, iPod and iPhones
  • 9W nominal power output
  • Dimensions: 170mm x 130 mm x 135 mm; Weight: 1.8kg

  • Ruark Audio R1 MkII Awards & Reviews

    What Hi-Fi - Best Buy Award 2010 - Best Desktop DAB £100-£200 - " The best-sounding product of its type currently available"

    What Hi-Fi - DAB/FM radio winner, Awards 2011. Read more.

    Daily Mail - " A great radio for people who want a small DAB radio in their kitchen and are not afraid to spend a little to get decent sound quality"

    Tech Radar - " Engaging and very any level the sound has detail and a really plausible wholesomeness"

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