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Ruark Audio R4i

Ruark Audio R4i (was called Vita Audio R4i)

We may well be in the age of the MP3; however music lovers with extensive CD collections who lack the technical expertise or time to rip their entire collection, will be pleased with the Ruark R4i.

The Ruark Audio R4i is a fully integrated music system offering a complete range of functions, including a front loading multi-format CD reader, iPod docking station, DAB/DAB+/FM tuner and USB playback port for those yet to join the Apple player revolution.

With so few iPod and iPhone docking stations not making provision for CD's, the Ruark Audio R4i integrated music system is a breath of fresh air, and is as complete a system that you'll find. In many ways it is a traditional Hi-Fi system in miniature, albeit one which has been developed for the 21st century.

The Ruark R4i may be an upgrade from the Ruark Audio r4 released in 2008 and even offer a similar look, but the tuner is now DAB+ compatible, and it has been improved considerably with new audio circuitry, an improved CD suspension and a much better power supply.

A Compact Design with Spacious Sound

Whilst the speakers may look small they pack a serious punch, with an 80W nominal output being more than sufficient for all but the most palatial rooms. The Ruark R4i offers superb projection of vocals and punchy bass, all the more impressive given its relatively small dimensions. The soundstage provides considerable width, which wouldn't be expected from the close proximity of the speaker drivers, and there is superb definition in the mid range and the integrated subwoofer certainly packs plenty of punch.

The Ruark R4i relies not on cheap amplifier chipsets which are a common feature of compact music systems in its class, but instead Vita Audio has developed its own custom designed class A-B amplifiers with discreet component technology usually only found in bulky Hi-Fi separates, and almost never in a compact music system.

If you are looking to buy a high quality iPod docking station, the additional functions and stunning good looks makes the Vita R4i worth every penny and well worth spending a little extra for the full range of functions.

Ruark Audio R4i (was Vita Audio R4i) Technical Specification

  • DAB Radio with DAB+ functionality, FM Tuner with RDS and 5 presets per band
  • Multi-Format CD player, including WAV, WMA and MP3 files
  • USB stick reader for downloaded music files
  • Rotodial docking remote control
  • Universal iPod dock
  • 3D enhanced stereo sound
  • Clock and Alarm clock functions
  • Internet radio capability through an iPod and app
  • Auxiliary outputs & gold-plated phono sockets
  • Dimensions: H145 x W450 x D255mm; weight 8Kg
  • Colour Choices: Walnut, Midnight Black and Dream White

  • Awards & Reviews

    Hi-Fi Choice Magazine's Best Buy -" One may be able to assemble a more sonically impressive system for the money, but the single-box convenience makes this a winner"

    Time Out Magazine - "The R4 has great sound and even snappier looks. It’s all you need to listen to music”

    What Hi-Fi - 5- Star rating - "Brilliantly bridges the gap between dedicated dock and full-on micro system" - Read more.

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