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Arcam rCube

Arcam rCube

Arcam is a highly respected brand specialising in traditional Hi-Fi and home cinema products; however 2010 saw the launch of a brand new product targeting iPhone and iPod users.

The Arcam rCube may be the company's first real venture into the iPhone and iPod market, but Arcam has certainly hit the ground running.

The Arcam rCube is impressive across the board, offering exceptional sound quality, stunning design and the versatility to be used virtually anywhere. This premium quality docking station combines cutting edge technology with an aesthetically appealing and unobtrusive design. The Arcam rCube has an intuitive control interface, with full remote control functionality for both rCube and your docked Apple device.

At just 200mm square, the Arcam rCube is rather compact; however despite its small dimensions it can still produce big sound, which offers ample volume for a party or for garden use thanks to its 90W output and bass boost function. The Arcam rCube can perform equally well at low volume, retaining its clear and cohesive sound and delivering punchy and taut bass with sufficient subtlety to cope with the full music range from classical to heavy rock.

It is a highly portable music system featuring a hidden carry handle and an internal rechargeable battery capable of delivering continuous playback for up to 8 hours, which is a major advantage over most docking systems in its class which are tied down with a power cable. The Arcam rCube is also as effortless to charge as a mobile phone, and will charge up your iPod or iPhone at the same time, although this function can be switched off to prolong the life of your battery. At just 5Kg its surprisingly lightweight in everything but its performance.

The side firing mid/bass drivers can fill most spaces with impressive sound, and when positioned in a corner uses the walls to improve the power of the bass. The speakers offer a more than ample output level of 94dB SPL/Vrms, with each channel delivering 20kHz at 0.5% THD. It also gives you a choice of video outputs including composite and component connections.

Wireless Transfer

Klear technology gives the Arcam rCube full wireless capability to receive digital music from a PC, Mac or laptop with the addition of an rWand USB transmitter, and wireless streaming from an Apple product is possible with an rWave dongle. For larger spaces, the Arcam RCube even has wireless functionality built in to stream music between rCube units.

The Arcam rCube is sold in a sleek and stylish gloss black or cool gloss white finish, and despite the initial launch price £500, it now offers even better value for money at just £349


The Arcam rCube is compatible with an iPhone 3G and upwards, 3rd generation iPod Touch, 5th generation iPod Nano and 6th generation iPod Classic

Award Winning Design and Sound Quality

What Hi-Fi - 5-Star Rating - Claimed to have "blown us away with its sonic ability"

What Hi-Fi - Product of the Year 2010 in the Best Docking System in the £300+ category

What Hi-Fi - Product of the Year 2011 in the Best iPod dock £150-£400, read more.

Trusted Reviews - "The world's best iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock"

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