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Arcam CDS27 CD Player/Network Streamer

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Arcam rPAC

Price: £149.95 

Arcam SonLink DAC - White

Price: £184.00 

Arcam irDAC - Black

Price: £425.00 

Arcam FMJ A19 Integrated Amplifier - Black

Regular Price: £649.00
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The Arcam Audio Collection at Doug Brady Hi Fi

Based in Cambridge, Arcam is an audio, hi fi and home cinema specialist that’s passionate about connecting people to the emotional power and magic of their music.

Established in 1976 by science and engineering students from the University of Cambridge, Arcam's reputation is built on great sounding, sensibly featured kit sold at a fair price.

Today Arcam products extend from integrated amplifiers to high end AV processors and iPod docks. The wide range of Arcam audio equipment includes a tidy selection of hi fi separates and solo integrated units, combining music and movies in one convenient package, creating a rich and involved listening experience for music and movie lovers worldwide.

Arcam Speakers

While they make some amazing one box systems, Arcam speakers are separates. Combining discreet design with stunning performance, Arcam loudspeakers are made from aluminium and steel, bonded together with the latest adhesive technology to minimise resonance and produce a purer sound quality. Arcam surround sound speakers not only deliver great sound integration and impressive surround effects, but also compelling music reproduction –which is everything you’d expect from a hi fi brand with Arcam’s reputation.

Arcam Amplifiers

Every Arcam amplifier will add atmosphere authority to your speakers while helping them to produce dynamic sound and detail. High end Arcam hi fi systems will separate the integrated amplifier into an Arcam power amp and pre amp for superior sound control. A choice of Arcam AV amplifier is a recent addition to the range, allowing you to enrich the presence of your audio visual surround sound or home cinema system.

Arcam CD Players

Arcam have been building CD players for more than twenty years. With a focus on scale and smooth authority, an Arcam CD player combines a high quality build with a generous soundstage to communicate vocals with the sort of immediacy and intimacy that many CD equivalents cannot muster while delivering the tiny details with spine tingling precision. The latest Arcam CD players also incorporate DAC technology for the purest sound quality.

Arcam DAC (Digital to Analogue Converters)

Shortly after the birth of CD, Arcam was produced their first digital to analogue converter (DAC). A modern Arcam DAC is a must have in today’s digital age of MP3s, networks and PCs, allowing you to play any digital media through your hi fi for a for a more enjoyable listening experience. Also an excellent way to play your CDs with a purer signal for a richer, more detailed sound.

Arcam Tuners

Offering DAB/FM/AM radio, Arcam tuners allow you to enjoy concert broadcasts, comedy and new music with improved signal purity and enhanced sound quality. Arcam DAB radio tuners have an number of equally impressive features to compliment your hi fi system, such as seamless integration with an Arcam iPod dock. Since the creation of compact disc and first DAC, Arcam has been a leader in digital audio technology and continues to innovate with excellent engineering and sound quality, making an Arcam tuner the ideal separate for the digital age in hi fi.

Arcam Blu Ray DVD Players

Also a CD player, a Arcam blu ray DVD player is designed with Arcam’s digital expertise to deliver accurate information to your audio visual system, providing stunning picture quality and audiophile grade music playback. With an incredibly long list of features an ArcamDVD player is an essential piece of any high quality home entertainment system.

Arcam Accessories

From speaker stands and brackets to a spare Arcam remote, Arcam offers a tidy selection of essentials for mounting speakers and controlling your pre amp, all in one hi fi or home cinema system

Arcam for Sale

There’s a huge demand for Arcam hi fi products, and once in a while we’ll have some ex-demo Arcam or even second hand Arcam audio equipment for sale. So be sure to visit our Hi Fi Sale section to see what’s available.

At Doug Brady Hi Fi we offer a selection of the finest Arcam audio equipment to enrich your listening experience with Free UK Delivery, direct to your door.