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Monitor Audio Bronze BX2

The Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 Speaker Collection at Doug Brady Hi Fi

The Monitor Audio Bronze BX2 loudspeaker is the successor to the award-winning Bronze 2 and has proved to be a considerable improvement over its forerunner. A firm best seller here at Doug Brady Hi-Fi, the BX2 is a superb budget loudspeaker which punches well above its weight in terms of sound and build quality.

Whether it is used in a two-channel stereo system or as part of the Bronze AV package, the BX2 brings a new level of clarity and definition to its price point.

The new 165mm bass unit is Monitor Audio’s own design and produces accurate bass notes and clear mid range. It is a single bolt-through unit, which means the driver is not fixed to the front baffle and therefore does not directly transmit vibration into the cabinet. This, along with Monitor Audio’s distinctive “HiVe” reflex port, results in a clearer, less coloured sound.

The tweeter is a metal dome with an extended frequency response to 30KHz and is again a bolt-through unit to minimise colouration. For the best performance, we recommend that the BX2s are mounted on good quality stands like the Atacama Nexus 6 or Apollo Olympus 6.

Four attractive vinyl wood-effect finishes are available, Black Oak, Natural Oak, Rosemah and Walnut.

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