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Arcam rDAC

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Price: £149.95 

Arcam rDAC

Arcam has long been a world leader in digital to analogue conversion, and offers exceptional audio quality for the most demanding music lover. However, the Arcam rDAC moves the brand out of the realm of the audiophile and firmly into the mainstream. The Arcam rDAC allows PC music to be effortlessly played through your existing Hi-Fi system, with high quality conversion at an excellent price.

The Arcam rDAC has a sleek and stylish cast aluminium casing, allowing it to take pride of place on a shelf next to your separates, yet its small dimensions mean that it can easily be hidden out of sight. The Arcam rDAC offers a choice of inputs, with easy control of the source with the a push bottom control on top of the unit.

The Arcam rDAC can be connected with a standard type B USB cable, although a gold-plated digital coaxial connection and a digital optical input have been added for good measure. Wireless streaming of music is possible through a dedicated wireless interface with the addition of an rWave dongle to stream music from a PC or MAC, or from an iPod or iPhone with an rWand dongle. The Arcam rDAC output is via a pair of gold plated RCA phono sockets.

Don't be misled by the simplistic exterior design of the Arcam rDAC, as inside your money buys you Arcam's considerable technical expertise, with the latest Hi-Tec components from Data Conversion Systems and Wolfson.

Arcam rDAC Sound Quality

The Arcam rDAC converts digital music with aplomb, with an exceptional level of detail including all the nuances of your favourite music. It offers excellent stereo imaging across the full range of frequencies, with the variation of tone positively sublime. The Arcam rDAC has expert control over lower frequencies, ensures a polished performance in the mid range, with smooth detail at the upper end of the spectrum, all with impeccable timing for a wonderfully snappy sound.

The sonic ability of the Arcam rDAC comes from its use of dCS's Asynchronous USB Technology, which reduces the jitter and noise commonly associated with digital to analogue conversion. The technology is rarely found outside of high end professional audio systems, and with the 8741 IC from Wolfson Microelectronics at the core of the circuits you are provided with remarkable accuracy for a truly stunning musical performance.

No matter what digital source you connect to the Arcam rDAC it will cope admirably, and will give your music collection the range and detail it deserves. For the price you will not find a more accomplished digital to analogue convertor, with the Arcam rDAC universally receiving high praise from leading industry reviewers. In our opinion it is worth every penny of the asking price, and will ensure your downloaded tracks can be enjoyed to the full.

Arcam rDAC Awards & Reviews

What Hi-Fi - Best Buy Awards 2010 - Best Budget DAC - "Well specified and well finished; substantial, responsive sound from any source", read more

What Hi-Fi - Best Buy Awards 2011 - Best DAC £200-£400

Computer Audiophile Magazine - "very good sonic performance, reasonable price, and great exterior design"

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