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Naim Audio

Naim Audio Collection at Doug Brady Hi Fi

Naim Audio are one of the best British manufacturers of hi fi equipment with a wide range of Naim CD players, speakers, amplifiers and all in one systems designed to help you forget the illusion of reproduction and connect with your music.

The success of Naim is measured through their experience of owning, using and enjoying excellent sound quality. This passionate and committed interest in music has earned Naim a massive audiophile following and helped them to create some of the finest sounding audio equipment in the world.

Naim Speakers

A Naim speaker is an excellent example of Naim’s dedicated to quality craftsmanship, performance and engineering. Traditionally, Naim loudspeakers have always focussed on maintaining the purest electrical to mechanical signal transfer to maintain the integrity of the musical performance. Meanwhile, their stylish industrial design ensures that they’re equally pleasing to the eye as well as the ear.

Naim Amplifiers

Each Naim amplifier’s strength is is its sheer musicality. Naim integrated amplifiers encourage you to listen to music whole instead of trying to analyse each element, creating a cohesive composition through excellent timing and tonal balance. Meanwhile High end Naim audio systems are best heard through a separate Naim power amp and pre amp for a deeper analysis of detail and improved range. Every Naim amp is beautifully made, built to last and never fails to deliver a cohesive, balanced and engaging musical performance.

Naim CD Players

The first Naim CD player was 10 years after the launch of the compact disc for the simple reason that Naim didn’t want to compromise on sound quality. Now their top model is considered one of the finest CD players in the world. Naim CD players are always enthralling, creating a cohesive and enjoyable listen that concentrates on the whole musical performance rather than emphasising particular instrumental strands.

Naim DAC

Listening to a Naim DAC is a revelation in signal purity. It breathes new life into music played from an iPod, CD or high resolution data file, refreshing the definition with greater insight and warmth, while picking out the tiniest details of rhythm, melody and emotion. A Naim Digital to Analogue Converter brings real music in the home closer to reality than ever before.

Naim Tuners

While DAB and FM tuners are common components for all in one systems, Naim tuners are also available as separates with all the purposeful simplicity and style that Naim hi fi equipment is renowned for. A Naim tuner is simple to use, solidly built while capturing and preserving every nuance of a radio broadcast. The display even increases in brightness to let you know when you’re homing in on an FM station.

Naim Accessories

From replacement remotes to cables, interconnects, mains leads and more - Naim provide all manner of accessories for their award winning hi fi equipment, all manufactured for purpose, simplicity and style.

Naim for Sale

Naim are an incredibly popular British hi fi brand, so every now and then we’ll have some second hand Naim or ex-demo Naim hi fi equipment for sale. Visit our Hi Fi Sale section to see what’s available.