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Rega Audio Equipment at Doug Brady Hi Fi

Founded in 1973, Rega quickly took its place in the hi fi market as the finest budget turntable manufacturer, offering astonishing performance for the price of their audio equipment.

Combining minimalist design with high quality components, Rega’s philosophy is to make satisfying hi fi products at sensible prices while reproducing music as faithfully as possible. Over the years the Rega hi fi range has grown to include speakers, amplifiers, CD players and more recently DAC digital to analogue converters.

With their excellent build quality, reliability and ease of use, Rega audio equipment omits all the extra features to focus on the high quality parts needed to reproduce records accurately.

Rega Turntables

Looking for a good quality turntable on a budget? Then a Rega turntable is your best bet. Made from reliable materials, Rega turntables are engineered to achieve outstanding performance way beyond the expectations of their price point. The no frills design and manual speed change eliminates speed inconsistencies and other fiddly bits to simply produce a fantastic sound reproduction expected from turntables costing two or three times the amount.

The basic design also makes it easy to upgrade or replace the Rega tonearm as well as the Rega cartridge. Combining affordability and good quality, you cannot fail to be impressed by the performance achieved at this price point.

Rega Speakers

Rega loudspeakers also offer exceptional sound quality and value for money. While most manufacturers boast about the complexity of their speakers, Rega are proud of the simplicity of theirs. Rega speakers are precisely engineered to be dynamic, stylish and most of all, enjoyable loudspeakers without making you pay out for the non-essentials.

Rega CD Players

Bringing their usual approach to the CD player, Rega CD players are just as impressive for their price as Rega’s turntables. Fast and substantial when it needs to be, but deft and harmonious at the correct time, too. Rega CD players offer with a crisp performance, clean timing and distinctive deign. Perfectly placed at the top of your hi fi system for easy CD loading.

Rega DAC

Simple to set up and to use, a Rega DAC is designed and engineered to perform way above its class, offering optimum performance from any two channel PCM digital audio source such as a CD player PC or streaming device. Special attention has been paid to the inter IC control signals to ensure that control date noise is kept to a minimum for a cleaner signal and purer musical reproduction. This makes a Rega DAC a clean, easy and cost effective add on for any hi fi system.

Rega Amplifiers

If excellent sound quality and an affordable price is your priority when it comes to buying amps, then a Rega amplifier is ideal for getting better sound for your pound sterling. A Rega integrated amplifier offers all the essentials and utilises the highest quality components to achieve the best sonic performance.

At Doug Brady Hi Fi we offer a selection of the very best Rega turntables, amps, DACs and CD players. So you can enjoy premium quality hi fi without paying premium prices. We also offer Free UK Delivery, direct to your door.

For a full list of Rega hi fi equipment, please browse the Rega Price List (link).